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RHP Group rethinks the way of work, embracing agile teams and building better cosmetics products to boost returns.

RHP Group specializes in creating new formulations, undertake bioequivalence studies and clinical trials for the development of its cosmetics and personal care products. As formulation development is the main area of product creation, we regulate patentability, lifecycle, and the accomplishment of a Personal Care products, Herbal Products, Food Products, Cosmetics product.

We integrate formulation development functions in our product development cycle in different ways. Bioequivalence studies are used to evaluate the vivo biological equivalence of two exclusive creations of a product.

We ensure that two cosmetics and personal care products are bioequivalent, then they are expected to be the same for all intents and purposes. With clinical trials, our researches assess the efficacy of their formulations. Through these trials, our team of researchers finds out about new food, herbal or cosmetic product, diet or medical device that is safe and effective for people.

We focus on:

We obtain the Drug Controller General of India’s (DCGI) approval for manufacturing and marketing new Fixed-Dose Combinations and molecules. Drug Controller General of India is the head of the department of the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization of the Government of India, and they are accountable for the approval of licenses of specified categories of drugs. With their approval, we can offer our clients new formulations with our technology under their brand names.

We are driven towards manufacturing innovative products. Our business model revolves around loan license, formulation and development of new drugs delivery systems, contract research and manufacturing services, technical collaboration and joint venture, technology transfer, institutional business, and new formulations with DCGI approvals.

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Bharat Petroleum
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Our research redefines the way we understand innovation and formulate high-quality products. We are driven by excellence and our capabilities extend beyond the development of differentiated, innovative and quality products. Our research and development team is led by highly qualified and experienced professionals. With 7 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, RHP Group manufactures the best quality medicines that are trusted by healthcare professionals in India and overseas.

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