Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a positive social impact


We are dedicated to powering an inclusive future by creating equitable access to opportunities for people and communities. 

RHP Group strongly believes in contributing back to society. We have a great responsibility and many opportunities to create a positive social change. Our approach is recognized and embedded at the highest level of the company and it is fully integrated with the company’s mission.

We are ambitious about driving positive social change and unfolding most vividly by building trust with society. We are dedicated to holding ourselves accountable to high ethical standards and addressing global health challenges. We aim to conduct business reliably wherever we function. This includes creating an inclusive and diverse workplace, ensuring the safety of our employees, and reducing the environmental impact.

We are actively reducing our environmental footprint through energy management and waste management. Moreover, we regularly contribute to different local as well as national initiatives, organizations, etc. We also encourage our employees to participate in different social welfare activities and events.

Our Principles:

  • Supporting and respecting the safety of human rights.
  • Promoting equality and elimination of discrimination when it comes to offering employment opportunities.
  • Taking accountability for all the environmental influences of our organization.
  • Adhering to ethical business practices to ensure the safety of the environment and our employees.
  •  Ensuring that principles are upheld by our partners, clients, and other third parties.
  • Embracing transparency and report on the company’s progress across CSR topics.

We live by our mission of helping people live healthier lives and thus we stick to our values of commitment, innovation, focus, and teamwork in everything we do. With business innovation, we live our mission and respond to the needs of the community. As our employees are succeeding in their chosen area of expertise, it is equally important for us as individuals and as an organization to grow and succeed from within.

We believe in serving our communities with the right approach and enrich the ecosystem. We have always prioritized providing individuals and the communities with access to different kinds of opportunities to help them meet their basic needs, gain skills or find employment.

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