Working with us

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Our commitment to creating a truly diverse and inclusive workplace helps us employ, retain and develop the best talents in the industry. 

Working with us

At RHP Group, we believe in driving change and reinventing ourselves. We continuously keep improving our capabilities, as it is vital to continue being true pioneers. We always appreciate our team members and are excited to see what new ideas they bring to the table. As we increase our ability to collaborate and share knowledge across the company, we encourage the team members to share their perspectives too. We strive to do things properly to achieve great things together. Newcomers are no exception as we help them grow through opportunities that push their skills and offer more accountability. Our employees are the key pillars of our accomplishment. We have a diverse team with well-qualified professionals from several disciplines and expertise. We are a company that endures developing its talents and creates the way for future leaders.

Diversity And inclusion

At RHP Group, we are building a culture where everyone can feel at home. We work across different genders, age, principles, sexual orientations, religions, disabilities, and outlooks. Together, we succeed as one team. We want to encourage innovation and empower the team to share new ways of thinking. We make the most of our diverse talents as it is about feeling involved.

Growing with us

Whether it is through our training, specialized career paths, or our global talent network, we want everyone to grow with us. You can unleash your potential with us as when you join RHP Group, you will be joining a company that is passionate about your safety, engagement, and how you can continue to grow in your career.

We believe that you can be best when:

  • You continue to grow and develop your skills, knowledge, and how you work.
  • Your career growth is parallel to your achievement and success of the company.
  • You keenly seek responsibility and attain amazing things with your team and colleagues.

Our People - Our competitive edge

The employees of RHP Group are the main drivers of the company’s success. Their skills represent an unparalleled benefit for the company. To serve the clients with the best formulation of drugs, we want to attract and work with the best talent. We pay attention to developing the employee's skills in order to speed up their career development. Our strategy is designed to create a motivating work environment that will set the conditions for employees to contribute at their best. We believe in developing talented people and strengthening the organization.

We are excited for you to become part of our team and join in the adventure ahead.

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Our research redefines the way we understand innovation and formulate high-quality products. We are driven by excellence and our capabilities extend beyond the development of differentiated, innovative and quality products. Our research and development team is led by highly qualified and experienced professionals. With 7 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, RHP Group manufactures the best quality medicines that are trusted by healthcare professionals in India and overseas.

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