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Save time, money and increase profitability with our logistic parks. We are experienced in providing innovative solutions to large-scale enterprises.

Our Facilities

When it comes to warehousing needs, flexibility and scalability are non-negotiable. It is important to have the right logistic park and supply chain management solution according to the style, size, and shape of different items to grow your business. RHP Group Logistic Parks offer goods store and dispatch facilities for transit carriers to different northern locations.

There are 4 logistic parks and each park is sized at 2.25 lakhs sq. ft. area.

The major valued clients of our company include Coca-Cola, Relaxo Footwear Limited, Hindustan Unilever Limited, and Safexpress. We provide warehouse facilities for a long tenure. All our logistics parks are centered in the areas of logistic operations. Our logistic parks are built by IHC Infrabuild, one of the famous builders in Haridwar region.

We understand the requirement of every client is different and thus provide every kind of facility to make things work accordingly. As the logistics solution has got to scale up effectively to meet the high seasonal demands, we manage that well too. Our team of efficient personnel helps our clients with efficient stock management systems designed to achieve effortless coordination between the retailers, and the retail outlets. We also ensure that our logistic solutions are aligned with your specific business requirements.

Why should you turn to us?

All our facilities are equipped with excellent infrastructure and our team has expertise in storage, handling, and transportation. We provide customized solutions as we have expertise in the handling of products from different industry verticals. If you are looking for an integrated solution at optimum cost then we are the right service provider as we are recognized for excellence in quality standards, service performance, and business excellence. Our team consists of experienced logisticians who are continuously striving for solution approaches.

The solution designing and implementation team ensures quick establishment of operations. We aim for excellence as we have the determination to make a difference. Strengthen your business supply chain by maximizing the space of warehousing facilities. Find the right park for your business with RHP Group.

Our logistic parks are an area concentrated on a logistic operation that includes warehousing space and services, transportation, and efficient distribution services. The parks are set up over a large scale that in turn consists of warehouses by several different warehouse operators, offering a wide range of services to all our stakeholders.

The location of all our logistics parks is decided strategically with the best connectivity with rail and road. A logistics park offers sufficient space for truck and office parking with customary security measures. Our logistics parks are a great option for businesses that do not want to deal with overheads in setting up their storage facility.

Our Valuable Clients

We have more than 600 valued clients

Mango Hotels
Hindustan UniLever Ltd
Bharat Petroleum
Apollo Pharmacy
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