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Customizable spaces to fit exactly what you need

Whether you are a start-up, mid-sized business, or an enterprise, we can be sure of finding a space to expand your horizons.

Our Facilities

RHP Group has entered into providing spaces for malls and business complexes. We provide space at lease at various locations including Shivalik Nagar, Kankhal, Ranipur, SIDCUL, and Bahadrabad. Be it Karishma Mart or Saideep Complex, we have our footprints in many places in the region of Haridwar. All our properties are established by IHC Infrabuild, which is a famous builder in the Haridwar region.

IHC Infrabuild known for creating an excellent housing society, shopping malls, business complexes, warehouses, and hotels. RHP Group today has become a name that is synonymous with best-in-class buildings. All our buildings have maintained quality and they are recognized as Grade A. Our world-class projects have attracted different clients.

Our flexible and spacious business complexes allow the growing companies to maintain productive work environments that most of the spaces can’t provide. We go beyond our limits for our clients making their experiences the most memorable ones. 

Why you should choose our properties?

Our malls are located in the prominent areas to attract a wide number of customers. We are committed to transforming the future by providing different amenities to enhance the experience of our clients. We strive hard in our pursuit to provide the best service possible in the industry. Our managed spaces are productive and in style. We offer a hassle-free, one-stop solution to your growing needs. From selecting the prime location to choosing tastefully designed spaces, we have got you covered. Our team caters to your constant growth and expansion with our flexible-built solution.

Promoting local industries and urban development

we are dedicated to developing the ideal mall for the targeted area by identifying the features of the area as a commercial zone as well as local needs. We believe in building strong relationships with local municipalities and communities. We have real experience in mall development projects as core projects for promoting local industries and urban development in close cooperation with the residents and organization.

Our commercial project provides a host of state-of-the-art facilities for the modern-day work environment. The business complex is equipped with different kinds of facilities. There is 100% power backup and round-the-clock security.

To ensure that we continue to provide value to customers, we are striving to maintain malls that look attractive by managing them using all our knowledge. We incorporate a wide range of functions in our business complexes so that it can provide a variety of goods and foodstuffs, amusement facilities including a cinema complex and public services. RHP Group can create a pleasant and convenient space where visitors from any age group can have a surprising and exciting experience.

Our Valuable Clients

We have more than 600 valued clients

Mango Hotels
Hindustan UniLever Ltd
Bharat Petroleum
Apollo Pharmacy
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Our research redefines the way we understand innovation and formulate high-quality products. We are driven by excellence and our capabilities extend beyond the development of differentiated, innovative and quality products. Our research and development team is led by highly qualified and experienced professionals. With 7 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, RHP Group manufactures the best quality medicines that are trusted by healthcare professionals in India and overseas.

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