Research and Development

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Our innovative approach aims at providing superior quality products, pioneering in the fields of healthcare products formulations.

Research and Development

We are in a period of medicine where innovation in science is transforming care and the approach to treating the patients. The vigorous investment in research and development (R & D) by bio Personal Care products, Herbal Products, Food Products, Cosmetics companies is driving progress and discoveries which we have never seen before. Our research center’s mission is supported by development expertise and operational excellence for new molecule research and healthcare products formulation for the Personal Care products, Herbal Products, Food Products, Cosmetics industry.

Today, the success of our company is attributed to the capabilities of our highly skilled employees and work environment. We are a technology-driven company supported by the latest equipment and infrastructure for research and development. We have well-equipped laboratories and scientists who always keep on innovating with new formulations. We strive hard to improve the quality of formulations and develop innovative healthcare products to cure different diseases. Our laboratory is fully equipped for physical testing, micro-biological testing, effective control of the process, chemical testing, etc. 

Our R&D team focuses on:

Our state-of-the-art research center is located in Haridwar with the best scientists from different disciplines who work with a prime focus on promoting innovation and knowledge. We have transformed into a training ground for young scientists where they can learn different skills and come up with new formulations. The rich knowledge of the scientists and the high-tech equipment make RHP Group a pioneer in the field of research and development when it comes to personal care, food, herbal and cosmetic products. Our corporate strategy is developed to provide differentiated offerings to our stakeholders and reveal strategic options, highlighting promising ways to reposition the business through new platforms and pioneering breakthroughs.

Driving Innovation:

With Research and Development, we meet the changing industry needs and support efforts to attract, motivate and mobilize the best talent. We use our insights to manufacture innovative products that offer substantial benefits, overcoming different hurdles to regulatory approval. We have multiple strategies for enhancing client’s productivity as well as performance. We help them access new technologies and innovation through different R&D financing and partnership models that minimize the cost and the risk. We support approval as well as minimizing the development timelines and costs by helping design clinical approaches that maximize the chance for an effective agreement with the best possible label. We help the clients by providing them the best products through clinical research as well as focus on the most promising products. We apply new approaches to make the most of the value creation potential of each pipeline asset.

The analytical knowledge base at the R&D unit facilitates:

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Our research redefines the way we understand innovation and formulate high-quality products. We are driven by excellence and our capabilities extend beyond the development of differentiated, innovative and quality products. Our research and development team is led by highly qualified and experienced professionals. With 7 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, RHP Group manufactures the best quality medicines that are trusted by healthcare professionals in India and overseas.

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